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In April 2016, a group of faithful volunteers set out to serve as prayer ministers in the chapel at Otto Kaiser Memorial Hospital praying for patients, employees, families, and care givers. We went for training at Christ Healing Center in San Antonio and were nurtured by them in our learning process to become prayer ministers.

As we began praying in Karnes County, we began to see the need for more prayer at the hospital and in our community. The volunteers took additional training in Heart to Heart Personal Prayer Ministry which helps connect people to Jesus' heart. This connection brings truth to the lies that plague our thoughts and keep us from living full lives. This type of prayer requires a quiet, confidential, safe place for people to share. An ecumenical place of peace, where all are welcome. There wasn't a place like this in Karnes County.

It was from these trainings and seeing the county as God sees it, that were lead to open a healing center where people can receive healing and become part of a healing community.

God has opened the doors for all of this to happen and we wait with expectation to see all that God wants to do.

Cassie Gotthardt

Prayer Minister

Founder & Executive Director, KC Healing Hearts Ministry

Over the last year I have gone from defeated to living the dream.  Jesus healed me and sent me on a journey of discovering who God created me to be.  I had felt the calling to pray a few times over the years, but never had the training to know what to do.  Over the past year, I have taken several trainings and have attended conferences and healing services taking in all that God has to offer.  Since May, we have been praying in the chapel and in the rooms at Otto Kaiser Memorial Hospital and have seen God do some amazing things.  It is my desire to follow God's will and bring healing to all of Karnes County.



Jack Shefield

Executive Director, Christ Healing Center, San Antonio, TX

My name is Jack Sheffield.  I am am on the executive team of Christ Healing Center in

San Antonio, TX. CHC had the enormous privilege of lending input to the birth and inception of Healing Hearts Ministries.  What a fabulous team God has brought together to provide sensitive and powerful healing to Karnes City and Kenedy. I witnessed an 

extraordinary display of their ministry in the Otto-Kaiser Memorial Hospital in their chapel.

A woman came in greatly distressed at the fall of a little boy who hit his head. It did not

look good for him.  The Healing Hearts group went into prayer immediately and a Pastor 

said to the woman, "I saw a picture of a blonde headed boy with blue eyes." She asked if that was him?

Well, it was him, and they released a very focused prayer of healing to the young man

who was on his way to the hospital.  By the time he got to the emergency room, he was 

totally normal. The trauma of the fall disappeared. The family member rushed back to

the chapel to tell the good news.  All were amazed at how wonderfully God was moved by healing prayer.  I wish this new ministry the very best of blessings and many more encounters with The Living God!


Kelly Danica Troia

Founding Director, Heart to Heart Personal Prayer Ministry, San Antonio, TX

Cassie Gotthardt's commitment to bringing the healing Presence of Jesus to people is second to none.  Its an honor and joy to know Cassie and to see miracles of healing and freedom flow through her life to others.  I am thrilled for Cassie and Karnes County Healing Hearts Ministry to offer Heart to Heart Personal Prayer Ministry. I highly recommend her as a prayer minister and  as a leader in healing.

Rosalind Hervey

Trainer, Christ Healing Center, San Antonio, TX

What a joy to write an endorsement for Healing Hearts Ministry. Cassie Gotthardt has a big heart for all people, a heart that wants everyone to know the saving, healing, delivering love of Jesus. She came to Christ Healing Center for training in the fall of 2015, and we became fast friends and coworkers in God’s Kingdom. We share a desire to see transforming healing communities permeate our world with God’s love. Her ability to listen to and respond to God’s voice and to forge lasting relationships is a rare combination and a blessing to everyone she meets, most of all her home, Karnes City and the surrounding area. I can’t wait to see what God will be accomplishing in and through her and her team!

Angela Hamilton

Director, Christ Healing Center, Cuero, TX

I have had the privilege of knowing and ministering with Cassie for about 6

months now. I see her heart for the people of her community and it is beautiful –

truly God’s heart. God has led her and the Karnes County Healing Hearts Ministry

team members on an incredible journey, and has paved the way for His ministry to

be established in Karnes County. Cassie has come to Christ Healing Center in

Cuero, Texas to assist with training of our team members, and has led many Cuero

community members through prayer who have been touched by the heart of

Jesus. If freedom is what you seek, you will find it in a gentle, loving and caring

atmosphere at Karnes County Healing Hearts Ministry. Jesus will speak from His

heart to your heart to the heart of the ma)er. It’s a beautiful thing!

Advisory Board

Julie Braun

Advisory Board and Volunteer, Karnes County Healing Hearts Ministry

The opening of the Karnes County Healing Hearts Ministry is so exciting to me.  Since I have been involved with the ministry, I have been able to attend several prayer classes that have taught me to have a closer spiritual relationship with God, but more importantly to pray for and with others.  Also, the center will be a place where people can go and get healing prayer.  There is so much attacking us in this world.  To have a place like Karnes County Healing Hearts Ministry that one can go to and pray through illness or fear or any way that the enemy is attacking us is exciting and positive for our community.  I invite you to check out the classes that are offered and others ways in which you can grow and be healed through God our Father and his Son Jesus Christ.

Judy Murphy

Advisory Board and Volunteer, Karnes County Healing Hearts Ministry

Since receiving the sacrament of Confirmation in junior high, I have been drawn to do "more" for Jesus and expanding His Kingdom.  I am Catholic by faith, and have been married for 29 years.  My husband grew up in the Assembly of God Church.  Having attended the Assembly of God church service many times with my husband and his family, I learned to appreciate the "praise and worship" of God aspect, which is a huge part of their church service.  For approximately ten years, I taught catechism classes to the youth in the Catholic Church.  Over the years,  I have taken many classes to learn how  to become closer to God and the Holy Spirit and developed a love to pray for people and situations.


Learning Heart to Heart prayer has really opened my eyes to healing others by creating a direct dialog between the beloved(one seeking prayer) and God's Heart.  It is truly transformational!  The creation of Karnes County Healing Hearts Ministry is a tremendous opportunity for Karnes County and surrounding area.  

I am blessed to be a part of this ministry.  Prepare to be amazed!  Come by our new center or make an appointment for a one on one prayer.  You will be forever grateful to hear what God wants to tell you!  Come and see!  You will not be disappointed.   

Cathy Jurgjtis

Advisory Board and Employee of OKMH, Karnes County Healing Hearts Ministry

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