Heart to Heart Prayer

 Heart to Heart is a gentle, Biblical prayer ministry that brings empowering answers from Jesus’ heart to yours, personally.  As founder Kelly Troia says, “The problem is the problem,” and God did not design you to be a problem. In heart to heart, the difference between what the problem says and what God says is discerned. Many have experienced great relief from pain, depression, fear and other plaguing problems through encountering Jesus in heart to heart prayer. In this prayer time, we do not pray through actual traumatic events, however we do pray through the effects that traumatic events may have induced.

This is a great place to start if you are coming in for prayer dealing with a specific issue or problem (generally takes 2  hours).

His Father's Heart Ministry

His Father's Heart Prayer is also a gentle, Biblical prayer ministry. It allows Jesus to minister to the brokenhearted.  In this prayer, Jesus releases pain and trauma and binds up the brokenness caused by the pain and trauma.  Jesus does not need us to walk through the trauma again to understand it or release it, He was there and just wants to help you heal.  This prayer is a great place to start if you have suffered a traumatic event, abuse, loss, or pain of any kind. (Generally takes 2 hours)