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To be where God's love heals, grows, and provides freedom.


Loving God:          Loving our Community:

-Trust                        -Confidential

-Believe                    -Non-judgmental

-Follow                      -Affirming

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     -Wholeness of Body/ Spirit/ Soul




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Our Strategy


Mountain Top (Qualitative):               

     -Building Spiritual intimacy with God

Milestone (Quantitative):

   -Survey of people receiving prayer & ministering

Building Spiritual intimacy with God demonstrated through surveying participants.




"I attended Healing hearts Ministry hoping for relief from severe anxiety and panic attacks. I was offered hope and healing through Jesus as Cassie slowly and competently guided me through the process. I felt comfortable and nurtured the entire time, and after awhile, I was amazed to literally feel a "lifting" sensation of my symptoms and a resultant peace. When I returned home, I felt normal for the first time in months. I was told that my issues might reappear at times for a week or so and how to handle this, which I did. I now consider myself healed. When I do experience the possibility of a flareup, I know what to do to end it.

The Lord has truly blessed me with healing through this ministry and given me an extra feeling of closeness to him."

Theresa Schultz

Retired Teacher

"I was living a defeated life of fear.   After a  Heart to Heart prayer session I received complete freedom from fear.  This one prayer sent me on a journey of discovery that led me to my calling.  I want to help all of Karnes County to experience the same freedom and create a community of healing. This is how Karnes County Healing Hearts Ministry came to be."

Cassie Gotthardt

Executive director





"I went to Cassie with a heavy heart about a friend's 5 year old daughter who had been in a motor vehicle accident. I could not understand why God would let something so beautiful suffer. After explaining my feelings to Cassie, she thought for a moment about what to pray for. She felt the word "bounce" come to her. So we prayed that this young 5 year old baseball playing little girl would "bounce" back to normal. About 1 1/2 weeks later, I saw a post on Facebook by my friend stating her daughter was home from the hospital. She said the young girl just "bounced up out of bed and was ready to go home!" I almost could not believe what I was reading. God worked through Cassie and through our prayers. There is no doubt."


Noelle Neudorfer

OKMH Employee


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